Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Why Is Motivation Important In Your Life?

Why Is Motivation Important In Your Life?

Without motivation, you can't achieve anything in life, but if you want to achieve greatness, you need to stop going in the slow lane and you need to align yourself to start working towards your goals in life. Goals are the stepping stones toward your dreams so if you want to achieve them, you need the motivation to keep you working towards the things that you want in life. Not everyone finds motivation easily and you have to work towards it. Some people think that they can't do something or that they have a lack of belief in themselves. Motivation is the defining factor that turns a good thought into immediate action. It will help you to turn a good idea into a business that you want to start and can positively impact the world and your life around you.

Every one of us has a reason to be here and it is evident around us that if your shoe designer had not been motivated to design the shoes that you are wearing and then turn that drawing into reality. What if Richard Branson didn't feel motivated to start his airline? We would not be jetting off to America now. It just goes to show that you can put your mind to whatever your dreams are. 

Motivation doesn't come easily to some people but Ignite is an event at Bath Pavillion on 12th - 13th April 2019 and you can hear from speakers who will not only motivate you but will also inspire, encourage and help you build confidence. You can find more details about Ignite here. The speakers come from all corners of the UK and to have them all under one roof, inspiring you to follow your dreams - could just be the thing that you need.

So why do we need motivation in our lives and what benefits does it have for us? 

Fights against fear - fear of failing in whatever you want to do will stop you from trying something. You need to see beyond that fear that you feel and focus on what you can achieve.

Helps to build self-confidence - Once you have motivated yourself to achieve the things you want to do, then you will find your confidence growing and you can say to yourself that you feel better and you are ready to take on the world. 

Enjoying a positive outlook - if you feel more motivated, then you are more positive towards the things in life that you want to do, and possibly the things that you don't want to do. If you are more positive because you feel motivated, then you get more done in life and the quality of your life and the things in it will be better for you. 

Helps you to overcome negativity in your life - Being motivated, makes you more positive and in turn, it helps you to overcome negativity in your life. You don't need negativity towards you, so being positive and motivated will help you to counteract it. 

Gets you out of your comfort zone - Sometimes we are shy, shrinking violets but if you push yourself harder, you can conquer anything in the world that you want to. It can be that you need to feel motivated to go to the corner shop on your own or to run a marathon. Without motivation, you wouldn't achieve any of this. 

Brings out the best in you - if you feel motivated when you feel like you can take on the world. It will make you feel better knowing that you are ready for a new challenge and it brings out a different you. when you are motivated, you're more likely to be able to control your thoughts and feelings better as well as manually work. You will feel proud of what you are doing.

So these are some of my tips on how to make the most of motivation and you can see for yourself if you attend Ignite on 12th and 13th April in Bath, where a limited number of tickets are on a flash sale of £100 for a normal ticket or £167 for the full VIP exclusive ticket, where you will get £226 worth of bonuses for free. 

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