Saturday, 18 May 2019

19 Reasons Not To Stay At SunConnect Ideal Prime In Marmaris With Thomas Cook

We have just returned from a holiday  nightmare in Turkey where we stayed at The SunConnect Ideal Premium Hotel in Marmaris and from the start it was a bit of a rubbish holiday but it only got worse when Matilda got sick and nobody at the hotel wanted to admit there was a problem, you can read about it here. When I book and go away somewhere, I normally write a review about it and point out reasons of why I would stay there again, sadly this blog post is all about reasons that you should NOT visit this hotel.

  1. All inclusive finishes at midnight, and you can't even get a soft drink when you come in from a visit at the hospital (my experience) or a long day out, luckily there are a couple of supermarkets across the road from the hotel.
  2. If it's not nailed down - someone will nick it! We went to lunch and left our water guns and floaty toys on our sunbed. When we came back, another person had her floaty toy and claimed they had bought it from the shop. Until I pointed out that I had bought it some 8 years previously from Superdrug and had just found it in my attic. Matilda walked around the pool collecting her water pistols. That wasn't an isolated incident. There was an elderly couple and the man put his coat down and went to the loo. he came back and someone had stolen his coat and spending money. 
  3. The Thomas Cook rep (Chloe) was rude, condescending and in denial about a virus in the hotel. She spoke down to me like I was a child and didn't know what I was talking about. 
  4. If your hotel towels are taken from your sunbed you have to pay 20 Euro each to replace them, and the same if you lose your towel card. With the number of things being taken by other holidaymakers, you have to have eyes in the back of your head. 
  5. Room cards are charged at 15 Euro each if you need another one. So if you lose your key, or it's taken, then you are out of pocket. 
  6. The alcoholic drinks were vile! They tasted like they were watered down and the vodka tasted like paint stripper. If you want a nice cocktail, then they charge you £6! But you can go to a bar down the road and get them 2 for £5. 
  7. They have posters up saying not to use straws because they are bad for the environment (good), yet they have plastic straws on the bar as a free for all and they serve drinks in disposable cups. 
  8. The people around the pool, smoke and flick fag ash into the pool and let their rubbish fall in the pool.
  9. Holidaymakers leave their kids unattended in the pool, one woman left her three-year-old in the pool under the supervision of her 12-year-old sister whilst she went for a shower. 
  10. The Wifi, whilst it is free - it's rubbish and you can't stay online for more than a few minutes.
  11. There is a phone in your room, but no list of phone numbers. When we had an emergency, I couldn't find the reception or doctors number. This can be sorted easily by putting a sticker on the phone with the number.
  12. There was a virus (RotaVirus) at the hotel, yet they tried to keep it hushed. There was no deep clean happening and no notices put up with advice on how to stay clear of it. 
  13. You are hassled as you try to relax by the sunbed from the Spa people. They don't let you come to the spa at a choice of your time and even hassle you as you walk through the hotel. 
  14. The photographer offers to take pictures of all the pretty young ladies but never once offered to take ours. He was taking pictures of people coming down the stairs, they would put his camera down when there was someone he didn't want to take a picture of.  
  15. We had ants all over my daughter bedside table! As she was ill at the time too, this didn't help!
  16. The bar staff like the young girls and flirt with them - nothing like making you feel old on your holiday. If it was my daughter, I would have hit the roof. 
  17. The mini bar in the room is only filled with 2 bottles of water and juice, twice a week. Not helpful for dehydration and if you get thirsty in the night. 
  18. Icecreams are not served through the hottest part of the day, instead, you have to buy them from the onsite shop. The prices were cheap enough but I guess, if you have more than one kid, it can get expensive. 
  19. The pool has no shallow end to it. I am 5ft 2 and couldn't reach the bottom. So that makes it more shocking that parents left their children unattended. 

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