Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Four Cities To Visit With Kids

I am a mum of four and three of them are in their twenties now with a life of their own, so it leaves me with Tilly who is 9 years old. I believe in travel with kids and They learn so much, So Tilly and I travel as much as we can. Here are four cities that you should take your kids to visit this year.


The first time I went to Amsterdam we got lost and ended up in the red light district where there was literally sex being sold everywhere,  and this put me off taking Tilly to Amsterdam ever again. In fact, I wrote a blog post about it because I was so shocked that all of this was readily available for anyone to see. BUT Amsterdam has become one of our much-loved favourite cities to visit because we have been so many times we now see different sides of the city. Yes Amsterdam is very open with the sex scene and the smoking weed scene, but you don't have to take your kids to that area you can keep them away from it and there is so much more to Amsterdam than just those things.

New York

I did this with the older kids when they were teenagers and preteens. it was the most pretty amazing trip with ever been on and it was well worth the 8 or 9-hour flight that we took to get there. We booked through Thomas Cook so everything was organised for us but this is a trip you could easily do by booking flights and accommodation separately if you wanted to. But for us it worked out cheaper to go through the travel agents and we booked it a year in advance so we got an amazing deal on some Virgin flights and a fab little hotel not far from Times Square. There is so much to do in New York for kids of all ages and the amazing thing is that they get right up close and personal to things that they've only ever seen on the TV before,  like the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and the fantastic toy shops they have there. New York is so easy to get around with the metro system buses taxis and sometimes you can even walk. You can take a boat tour but if you can't afford that then just jump on a water taxi and you get a fantastic view of the city from the water. Visiting New York was such a different way of life for my kids because we live in a small seaside town, yet here we were in a city of skyscrapers. There is a lot of tourist attractions to see in New York but choose wisely because if you want to go up the
Empire State Building you can be queuing around the block to go in there, so instead, we went up the Rockefeller building. You see the same kind of things from the top and looking at Central Park from the top of the building is just so surreal, a beautiful green patch of grass right in the middle of skyscrapers.


Sometimes we want to travel so much and go to so many different cities that we forget the most amazing city that is so close to us and that's London. London is an awesome city and every time we go there there's something different to do. There is something for all budgets and you can go to free things like museums, free Street walking tours, go to the Harry Potter activity at kings cross or walk the streets of Shoreditch to find the street art. Walking along the River Thames is a free extra activity too. The Bank of England museum is also free and not so well known by people but it makes an awesome afternoon out and you get to touch gold bullion! If you have a reasonable budget then afternoon tea on a boat going down the River Thames is a gorgeous experience and kids love it or how about a trip to Kidzania? If your kids are older than 8 years old you can actually leave them in Kidzania whilst you go shopping. London has a fantastic travel network and there are usually people on the streets that will help you find the right bus and you have the London underground system as well which gets you to places faster or you can hail a black cab. The best places for shopping Westfield shopping centres are there in Stratford or Shepherds Bush and you can always take a walk up and down Oxford Street and Regent Street finishing in Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The way to see free entertainment is the street buskers that you can find in Leicester Square, Covent Garden or along the River Thames next to the London Eye. Just make sure you carry from loose change in your pocket to give to the entertainers because this might be the only job that they have and they rely on the people that they entertain. Best places to eat in London are Dinerama in Shoreditch and Planet Hollywood in Piccadilly but you can always find somewhere to eat in London and they are prices for every budget.


Copenhagen is the home of Hans Christian Andersen the famous writer and storyteller. He wrote, of course, The Little Mermaid and a statue of her stands in the water in the harbour of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a city full of bikes and boats very similar to Amsterdam without the red light district. The best way to see it is by a boat tour but the bridges are so low in Copenhagen and if the tide is high you find yourself having to duck down as you go through the bridges! This added a bit of fun to the trip. The most beautiful part of Copenhagen is Nyhaven.  It is so beautiful the way the harbour is lined with such colourful buildings and ice cream parlours, cafes and places to sit and enjoy the area. again like Aalborg, Copenhagen is an expensive city and we stayed in one of the Cabinn hotels, there are three in the city and we stayed at the one near the airport.

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