Friday, 3 May 2019

Fun Things To Do For Free (Or Really Cheap) In The School Holidays With Kids

Once the weather starts to get warmer and the kids want to be out of the house more at weekends and school holidays, it starts to get expensive and I know it can be expensive if you have loads of kids and money is normally tighter in the school holidays.  I am a mum of 4 and the older three are in their 20's now, but many years ago, they were all born within 3 years and times were hard, so we found free stuff to help us out in the holidays and at weekends. We were always busy with the free stuff and the kids learnt so much. Here are some ideas of things for you to do with your kids.

Children's Centre Activities

If your kids are young enough, you will find plenty of activities at your local children's centres or even your child's school might be organising something. The children's centre usually have an Easter craft session or an Easter Egg Hunt that you only donate £1 or £2 per child and you get a cup of tea whilst the kids run about and burn energy.

London Museums

Most of the London Museums are free, so once you have paid your train ticket to London, you can have a free day to explore the museums. The most popular ones are the Natural History Museum, The Imperial War Museum and The Science Museum. But please be prepared for long queues in the holidays because everyone seems to go to the museums. Take a packed lunch or they have restaurants. Other free Museums in London are the British Museum, The National Gallery, The V&A and The London Museum.

Picnics In The Park

All kids love a picnic, no matter how old they are, and if you don't have a park close to where you live, you could always have one on the seafront, in your garden or a nice patch of green grass somewhere. If the weather is rubbish, have an indoor picnic, I have done this many times over the years. Pop a blanket down, grab the teddy bears and have a picnic in the warm.

Movie Afternoon At Home

Get your favourite kids DVD's out and grab the duvet for an afternoon of movies. Draw the curtains and make the room dark for the real cinema experience. If you don't have a DVD player, then use Netflix or Amazon Video. You could be cheeky and sign up to both of those for a one-month free trial to cover the holidays. Grab some popcorn, I saw a HUGE tub in Iceland for £2 this week. A movie afternoon is so much cheaper than going to the cinema.

Walks In The Woods

A walk in the woods can be so exciting, it can be dark one moment and bright and sunny the next moment in a clearing. You can follow a route or make up your own one as an adventure, but whatever you decide to do, kids learn so much about nature and the outdoor world. Take a picnic or a bike (if its got paths on the route) and spend the day out there.

Family Cycle Rides

This is an amazing way to get fit as well as a great way to spend some time with your kids. It gets them off the tablets or games consoles and out in the fresh air. If you don't have a bike, you can usually pick one up from a car boot sale or charity shop. Make sure you're equipped with the correctly fitted cycle helmet and carry a cycle repair kit for those unexpected punctures. Shove a picnic in your basket or backpack and just feel the wind in your hair as you cycle.

Fun On The Farm

Springtime brings the birth of new animals so its a great time to take a trip to a farm and see the lambs. Most farms will let you hold and hug the lambs as well as feeding them. Then you can go around the farm and visit other animals. When farms open their doors to the public like this, they usually have to charge but that will help them with the costs of running the farm for a little while too. It's a great way to support your local farm. Sometimes there are tractors and other old machinery that the kids can climb on and play with.

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