Thursday, 30 May 2019

How To Hold The Perfect Barbecue

Everybody loves a barbecue, as soon as the good old English weather starts to get sunny, everyone gets the barbecue out and dusts it off. It really doesn't matter if you have a £200 barbecue or a cheap disposable one from the Pound shop, you still get the same experience. So how can you put on the best barbecue to impress your friends and family? We had one last weekend and we teamed up with Spar shop to promote their Barbecue range that is available in store now. Our local Spar is in a petrol station and you would think it would be more expensive than a normal supermarket, but it actually really isn't and the quality is just as good, if not better. So how did we put on the perfect barbecue?

Get a barbecue

As I said in the previous paragraph, it really doesn't matter whether you have a £200 barbecue, a Poundland barbecue or a metal bucket with a grill over it. You still get the same experience of cooking and eating outside. Always get a good bag of charcoal though because you want your barbecue to cook for a long time if you are having a party. I was surprised by how long the Poundland disposable actually cooked for. Don't forget your firelighters and wood burning aromas if you need them.

Where are you having a barbecue?

My garden is fine if you don
t want to spend any time in there, it is so small and boring. We can't fit more than a few people in there at a time, so we have to think about alternative places. We held our #Sparbecue at my friend's house at the weekend as her garden goes on forever! But we also live on the seafront and we have had a barbecue there too. But we have also had a barbecue on a village green before, but check that you are allowed to do this first. When you have a barbecue like this, it is a great community experience and everyone gets involved.

Set up a photo booth

This was a last minute decision to add to our barbecue, and it came about when I was in a charity shop with my daughter, and we were playing about with the funny glasses and taking photos. So we came up with the idea to grab some hats, wigs and scarves to make up a dressing up box and people could use this to take funny photos. We did it at last minute, but if you are more organised, you can buy blow up guitars, blow up people and the most random of blow up toys from Amazon. Then we got a plain white sheet from a charity shop for £1 and we stapled it to the side of the shed as a background. If you're going to do this, then get a plain double flat sheet because that worked really well for us. This is so much fun for kids and adults, and the more alcohol that is consumed, the better the laugh you will all have.

Get a Vintage bus

Okay, this was a random thing to bring to a barbecue, but we have an awesome neighbour who was driving a bus for the day for an event and we asked him if he would take our guests for a ride on it. But get your thinking caps on about something similar that you can do for your barbecue, do you know someone who has horses, that can bring them for pony rides? Has anyone got a unicycle that you can have as a party trick or if you know someone with a smart car or vintage car? Everybody knows somebody, don't they? When my son was little, we had a vintage fire engine coming to his fifth birthday party and it was awesome. But at our recent barbecue, we had this vintage bus and we went for a ride along the seafront and all of the guests loved it.

Ask guests to bring some food and drink

Although we had some food from Spar, we asked guests to bring some food along too because there is nothing worse than running out of food at a barbecue. Also people like different food, so it's nice to be able to take along something that you like. We were given food that I never would have even thought about using on a barbecue too, so it opened my eyes a bit to the wide variety of food you can have. We were sent sweet potato fries, which we cooked in the oven. As well as some veg that we roasted in the oven. As I am on the Slimming World diet it was great to have alternatives that I could actually eat and not feel guilty about! We even had some spare ribs that we just opened and placed on a baking tray. A barbecue isn't all about sausages and burgers, there is so much more, you just need to use your imagination. Asking guests to bring a contribution also helps if they have dietary requirements.

Keep the kids occupied

The last thing that you want when you are trying to enjoy yourself with friends and family, is to have kids running up and down, trying to get your attention and not leaving you alone. Parents need some down time too, so organise lots for them to do. You can grab some bits from party shops or Poundland, like colouring books, masks, party filler toys, bubbles and sweets. Pop them on a table and let the kids help themselves when they want. If you have a paddling pool, get it out and let the kids have a play in there but please remember water safety - especially if you are drinking alcohol.

Party plates and decorations

You don't want the faffing about having to wash up after a barbecue, so just buy paper plates and cups. You can get them from Poundland and you don't even need posh plates, you can get a pack of about 50 for £1. You can get playful straws and bunting to add some colour to the barbecue. If you don't have a Poundland near you, you can usually buy things from a party shop or kitchen wear shop.

I'm sure what ever you decide to do for your barbecue, it will be as successful as our one. It was great to get everyone together but just be prepared for the mess in the next morning!

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