Monday, 20 May 2019

Ideas For A Brownie Baking Badge From Num Noms

Matilda is a brownie and she had to work on a Brownie badge. She had to make a creation based on a theme, and she was able to do this with the help of Nom Nums that we were sent to review. She was going to use the Nom Nums as an inspiration for the sweet dessert she was about to make. The Nom Nums are little fragranced collectables that are based on food. A Num is a fragranced character that is squishy and goes on top of the Nom part, these Noms come in a variety of different ways like a lip gloss, a motorised part, nail polish, erasers or stampers and the Num fits snuggly over the Nom. You are apparently really cool if you have a Num Nom stamper in your pencil case at school.

They are great for making fussy eating kids see food in a different way. And Matilda was using them as an inspiration for her Brownie badge. We were sent some Num Noms for her to open as well as work on her badge. We received Num Nom Sparkle Smoothies, which is a plastic cup that contains a blind bag that the kids open. Inside there is the cutest little drinks cup with a straw and as you open it, it reveals a pot of sparkly nail polish. Num Nom Sparkle Smoothies is £4.99.

The Num Noms Party Hair is a wrapped candy shape with a plastic pink pot underneath the pearlised cellophane. When you open the plastic pot it reveals a blind bag that you need to open. Inside is a Num with a hole in its head and a piece of hair that you pop through the hole. This becomes a pencil topper that Matilda can pop into her pencil case.

The final Num Nom surprise was a Num Noms Surprises In A Bottle. With this Num Nom surprise, you peel off the plastic covering and it reveals a plastic bottle and a surprise Num Nom that has a lip gloss as well as a nail polish. Num Noms Surprises In A Bottle is £9.99.

So how did we incorporate this into a brownie cooking badge? It was easy, Tilly wanted to make something very sweet, so we found a very easy recipe for her to make a sweet chocolate tablet, you just need different chocolate flavours. We used milk and white chocolate but it would work just as well with dark, pink or flavoured chocolate. And you need some sweets to decorate the tablet, it had just been Easter, so we used chocolate eggs, but you could use anything you wanted as a topper.

Matilda broke the chocolate up and placed it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time and took it out, stirred it and then placed it back in the microwave again. When it was all melted, Matilda poured it over a baking sheet on a tray and spread it out.

Next, she melted the white chocolate, you don't need as much of the second chocolate because it's only to drizzle. Then gently drizzle it over the milk chocolate, but don't do it too thick because otherwise, it spreads too much.

Lastly, place your sweets over the tablet, but you need to do this before the chocolate starts setting. We placed it in the freezer for a little while to set before breaking it up and serving it.

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