Thursday, 23 May 2019

Taking A Village Tour In Marmaris, Turkey - An Educational Visit

When we go on holiday I always use it as a learning curve for Matilda, kids learn so much by travel and on our recent trip to Turkey, we went on a village tour with some of the local people. It was a booked tour and very well organised. It cost me £20 for both of us to go on the trip and it included lunch too. if you go to Marmaris, it is a really good way to see the real Turkish way of life. This was one of the nice days we have before Matilda became ill and had to be taken to hospital.

We were collected by minibus early in the morning and travelled for about half an hour to get to one of the five villages that we would be visiting. We went to a beach called Jesus beach because the water is so shallow on either side of a sandbank and you can walk from one side to the other.

Then we went on to a water wall in a mountain, which was beautiful - but if I knew I would be climbing mountains, over rubble, across streams on stepping stones, I wouldn't have worn flip flops!

We visited a couple of other villages, one of them had a Turkish house where we could go in and see how people traditionally live and know what their customs are.

We visited a mosque and learned so much about the history of how Turkey was formed as a country and how their religion started.

We also visited a Turkish children's school and a wishing tree that has a legend that you can walk around it three times and make a wish. Then you wait for the wish to come true. The wishing tree is placed in the middle of the village square, where people gather every day.

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