Thursday, 16 May 2019

When We Went To Ignite 2019

In April, I was invited along to the Ignite event in Bath by my lovely friend Rebecca Adams. Ignite is all about empowerment and positivity as well as how to get into the right mindset to achieve the things that you want or need to out of life. I have always practised positive mindset on Matilda and it has helped her so much to overcome her mental health problems as well as her dyslexia. Only recently she came off the SEN register at school because she had gone from 2 years behind to catch up with her class. The teacher actually said this was down to her positive mindset. So we packed our suitcases, and off we went to sunny Bath.

The event was held at the Bath Pavillion, I will leave my opinions of that building and the staff for another blog post because it doesn't reflect on the event one little bit! The room was set out with tables and chairs and there was a stage for the speakers to use, but most speakers wanted to stand on the ground with all of the guests, they felt more comfortable there than on the stage. Each speaker had a story and they talked about how they overcome the obstacles in their lives to become the person who they are today.

The talks were from different people who had so many different backgrounds and yet, everyone had come together in this huge room to share their accomplishments. I will be honest, I didn't know what to expect from Ignite, I just knew that mindset had worked so well for my daughter and I wanted to know more. When every speaker went on the stage, you felt a connection with them all, there would be something they said and you would think "That's how I feel" or "Wow, that happened to me!". Even my 9-year-old daughter sat and listened to the inspirational stories that everyone had to tell about their lives. And for someone to get my kids attention like that, I know it all went in and she will remember it for a long time.

The reason I took Matilda with me was that I believe in sowing the seeds of positivity into their little minds as they grow up. Growing up these days is so hard and kids hit puberty so much earlier these days. If I can help my daughter to grow into a beautiful, confident young lady by using a positive mindset and empowerment, then I know I have bought her up properly. As Matilda uses positive mindset, then she radiates the love and positivity around her and this causes a ripple effect and her friends start to feel the same way. If Matilda says one positive thing to me, when I am having a really bad day, it can turn my day from a dark, negative one to a much happier one. It must be amazing to know you can make a difference to somebodies day.

Getting back to Ignite, as well as the two days of speakers there was entertainment on both nights, The first night was Jack Mason, a young man who had previously been on The X-factor and his voice was amazing. How has nobody ever given this talented young man a record deal? He sang with passion and enthusiasm. It was a great way to end the night. Then there was even more exciting entertainment on the second night with Julian Smith and Hercules who have become Karuso and use Julians Saxophonist skills and Hercules voice. As well as other entertainment throughout the night.

The biggest thing I took from Ignite 2019 was that you shouldn't judge a book by their cover. We always judge people by the way we see them and how they look, last weekend made me stop and think that people are so different from how they might look. I feel like we judge too quickly and we never know anyone's story until they tell us. Sometimes I see people's photos and they are done up with makeup, but that can be to hide how they really feel. People often hide how they really feel behind a camera filter or makeup. Everyone has a story and you just need to look for it in them. So I need to stop being scared of new people before I meet them and I need to stop judging who they might be before I know who they really are.

Would I recommend Ignite 2020? Yes, I would. Next year it is a one-day event which will be more beneficial for people that can only attend one day. and early bird discounted tickets are on sale now, just click this link to take you to the sales page.

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