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20 Things To Take To Camp Bestival

Last year was our first year at Camp Bestival and being a newbie, I didn't really know what to take and what not to take. So this year I thought I would write a guide on what we think is a good idea to take when you go to the festival. I am the type of parent that tries to remember to pack everything and I always overpack, but I like to be prepared. Recently on a holiday my daughter was sick and I had taken Calpol with me, but I dropped it and smashed it, luckily another parent at the resort had a bottle of Calpol to give me, so there is usually another parent out there that can help you out if you do forget something. Camp Bestival is back on July 25th-28th, just after the schools break up for the summer and we are most excited because the line up is full of the best music for everyone from Annie Mac to Jess Glynne and Lewis Capaldi to East 17, you're bound to have so much fun.

So apart from the obvious things that you need, like Tickets that you can get if you click here. Here is our list of things to take with you

Glitter and face gems - Everyone likes to glitter up at a festival, so always grab these in advance. I use the body glitter tubes from Superdrug that come ready to apply and you only use a pea size amount and it goes a long way. Face gems you can pick up in places like Superdrug and Poundland. Don't forget glitter spray too.

Warm clothes - Last year there was a heat wave and I took loads of summer clothes but not enough for the nights. It does get cold down in Devon at night and you really need to layer up.  You can layer up at night with leggings under pyjamas and a couple of t-shirts. Take a few jumpers too or even better, take some onesies.

Dry Shampoo - Any die-hard festival goer knows all about this stuff! You can buy it in a small can in the trial and travel section of your local supermarket or drugstore. This is brilliant if you cannot get to the showers to wash your hair.

Antibacterial handwash - I actually take this with me everywhere I go. It comes in a small bottle and you don't need water to wash it off. You can use it when the kids are messing about on the grass to help clean them, you can use it before you eat some of the street food at Camp Bestival and you can use it after using one of the portaloos. This is a must-have product, but if you don't use that, you can get some antibacterial wipes too.

Plastic bottles - Glass bottles are not allowed at Camp Bestival for obvious reasons like getting smashed and kids running about. But plastic bottles are allowed. You can buy wine in a box to drink and you can get beer in cans and plastic bottles in your local supermarket. But if you want you can buy a wristband and take an empty water bottle and get it filled with chilled water at points around the site.

A cool bag - We took one and filled it with frozen water, then packed some sausages around it and milk for cereals. Then as the water defrosts, it can be drunk at the festival. This worked really well because the bigger bottles of water took three days to defrost in the cool bag. Just remember to not keep opening it, otherwise, you let the heat in and it won't stay frozen for as long. You can freeze some yoghurts as snacks too.

The tent and camping accessories - This is an obvious one, but I added it anyway because I wanted to mention that you need some hard wearing tent pegs. Normal tent pegs just won't cut it in the ground there. You can buy some from Amazon and they work so much better. They secure your tent better if the wind gets up. Get a good quality sleeping bag and bring some extra blankets too, to use at night in case it is cold. Airbeds or sleep mats for the ground to sleep on.

Plastic plates, cups and bowls - I buy this kind of stuff in Poundland where you can get 4 plastic plates for £1, they are great for camping. The plastic cups are great for taking to the festival and you can just grab some water from the taps as you enjoy the fun. You can use them afterwards too or keep them for future camping trips.

Raincoats or Ponchos - Just buy some disposable ones if you don't have a raincoat. They are about £1 each in Superdrug or Poundland. We have a mac in a pack and it attaches to bags for wet days. They are not too heavy to carry around and you are ready for a rain shower.

Sun Protection - This isn't just about the sun cream, but also the hats, the sun shades on the babies and the high protection sun cream. You will be out for so long in the days enjoying yourself, so you will need to make sure you are protected from the sun as well as the kids.

Money - There are things to buy at Camp Bestival and you will need to buy some bits and pieces as well as the gorgeous food that they sell there. You will also need money for emergencies and things that you have forgotten. Keep your money on you at all time or use the storage service that Camp Bestival provides.

First Aid Kit - You know what kids are like, they are always falling over. So I always make sure I have wipes, plasters and Calpol. But take some paracetamol for yourself too. There is an onsite pharmacy, which I used last year and it was excellent and helpful. Don't forget antihistamines and the asthma pump too.

Vaporub - This is a trick that I picked up in Glastonbury a few years ago. After a few days, the portaloos can start smelling, so wipe a bit of vaporub under your nose and it blocks the smell as you take a pee. Also good if you are suffering from cold and hayfever.

Lights and tent decorations - This is a great way to help find your tent in the mass of tents that will pop up over the whole of Camp Bestival. It gives some light as you sit in your tent or gather with friends outside the tent. Get some solar power ones because you don't need to worry about batteries then.

A wagon or similar - There is a long walk from the car to the campsite, so you will need a wagon or something to transport all of your belongings in. Wagons are also handy for transporting the kids and your belongings in and around Camp Bestival. If you don't want to buy a wagon, you can hire one from Mr Trolley onsite or book one in advance.

Snacks - Perfect for keeping in your bag for the kids when they get hungry watching the shows. Ideal for the tent at night when they want a little snack after a busy day and great for mums and dads to munch on after a few drinkies!

Portable Charger - This is important if you need to keep in touch with the family back home or your friends whilst you are at Camp Bestival. If you buy a solar charger you can charge it up in the sun or you can usually hire one when you are at Camp Bestival.

Dressing up outfits - Dressing up is half of the fun at Camp Bestival, this year is Superheroes so grab your capes, Superhero onesies and Superhero dresses. It doesn't even have to be a well-known hero, maybe your mum is your superhero or your teacher. Everyone is a superhero for someone. You need to embrace your superheroness!

Bubbles and glowsticks - these are great for kids to get into the party spirit, brilliant fun for the dancing in the music tents and watching the main stage acts.

Black binbags - Bag your rubbish up after your stay!

Have I forgotten anything? Leave us a comment underneath or even better enter the rafflecopter to win a festival bundle that we have selected in the photo below.

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