Friday, 28 June 2019

5 Fun Family Holidays To Try

With the summer at last upon us, thoughts are turning to holidays. If you have yet to book something in but are yearning for a break with your family, we are here to offer you a little inspiration, as we share with you 5 fun family holidays to try.

Camping and caravanning

Every child should try this! You might like to ease in by booking a static caravan holiday initially and seeing how you find it. You might then want to go and get yourself some camping gear and check in to your first campsite. If it’s for you, you could even invest in your very own motorhome. You might need to check out Motorhome Awnings to create a more family-friendly space. These will effectively add another room to your motorhome, giving you a lot more flexibility on your break. Happy camping!

British seaside

There is something special about a British seaside holiday. The smell of the sea and the sand, the fish and chips on the harbour, the ice creams as you stroll around (whatever the weather!) and the penny arcades. It’s a difficult one to beat, and is an experience we should all enjoy at least once in life. We are surrounded by beautiful coastline, so you can be very flexible on which part of Britain that you choose to head to.

Family friendly festival

Family-friendly festivals are jam-packed with fun tailored to children. There is often a mixture of activities on offer across the festival fields, along with stages dotted around with live performances. There is normally a very relaxed atmosphere and kids will often make other friends over the course of their stay as they explore their new stomping ground for a few days. These are often run over a long weekend, typically offering you anything from one to four nights of camping.

Travelling overseas

There is, of course, a wide world out there to explore. There are so many options for travelling overseas as a family, from European all-inclusive beach resorts to seeing the sights and culture of major cities to cruises to the delights of Disney parks. Take your pick according to your budget and preferences. It is often in the travelling itself that the experience is to be found, as children embark on their first ferry crossing or flight over the ocean. They might then encounter new languages, new foods or customs, all of which are hugely educational and broaden their horizons and understanding of the world.

Adventure holidays

If you have a family of adrenalin junkies, then you really need to try out an adventure holiday. Look for locations that suit you best in terms of either travel or by being located in an area that you are seeking to explore. Many adventure holidays have a range of activities available on the site, so whether you wish to try your hand at kayaking, high ropes, archery, diving or horse riding, you can book in each and every day on a brand new experience and adventure.

What’s your favourite type of fun family holiday?

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