Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Childrens Sessions At Three Discovery Centres

During half term, we were invited along to the Three flagship store in Oxford Street to take a few sessions that were laid on for children. They were sessions that they really need for skills these days as we are really more and more on technology to get by in the world. The sessions are run by the staff at the participating Three stores and the best bit is that they are totally FREE! Yes, I did say free. You don't get much for free these days and with the half term being expensive enough as it is trying to keep kids occupied, then these are a Godsend. 

The first session we did was to learn about podcasting and how to make a podcast, which was something that I was actually wanting to learn too, so it is great that you sit in on the sessions and work with your kids. Using an Ipad, we had an app called Opinion that can be found on your iPhone app store. This is the app that you use to make the podcast and also edit it afterwards. You will find some alternative apps on android too. 

The best thing about making a podcast is that it isn't live, so you can record it in small snippets and then edit it then as you go on. If you miss a bit out, you can add it later and edit it in. Then when you have finished your podcast, you can create a jingle by using another app called Garage Band and then you add it to the start of the podcast. 

Podcasts are brilliant for people to listen to as they go for a run or take the commute to work and it is something that we would definitely work together on in the future. 

The next session was coding, and coding really confuses me more than anything in blogging and it is something that we should all be learning about because we will need it. The coding session was to learn how to code and eventually by the end of the session, create your own game to play and share online for others to play. 

Firstly we used an app called Hopscotch and you have a blank page where you start to make your creation. There is a + sign and you tap that to start your coding. You get a menu of what you want to do, so you need to think about what you need first and that would be a background, so you decide what you want for the background and in the menu, you click what colour you want it to be and what size you need it to cover the screen. I did a blue background and some green for the grass. Then you add the little details what you need and you add instructions to make the characters move or the things on the screen flash. 

The coding session was Tilly's favourite because although she has done coding before at school, she had never created a game like she did at the Discovery centre. She felt like she had really achieved something and left her mark on the internet because she published her game for others to play. Coding was so simple and it is something that she can now do from home on her iPhone. 

The sessions at Three Discovery centres can be found here and they are all free to members of the public. Look out for kids sessions throughout school holidays and they do sessions for the younger children as well as older children. 

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