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Flavoured Teas For Kids From Adagio Teas

Are you a tea drinker? I don't drink as much as I should do, because a normal cup of tea never changes the taste, does it? I would rather drink a flavoured tea because you can pick and choose different flavours to drink for your mood. Recently I was sent a selection of different teas from Adagio Teas and what makes these different to the teas that I usually drink is that they are loose leaf teas as well as some tea in bags but you can use as much or as little to add taste to your drink. When you buy normal tea in tea bags, it is usually the cheapest tea just popped into a tea bag and sealed but with these teas, you can see the quality in the tea because the leaves are larger it is not powdery like normal tea bags. The tea bags are also a better quality too, they are not your normal paper tea bag, they are silky tea bags in the shape of a pyramid for the tea to move around in.

Adagio Teas literally has the biggest range of flavoured teas that I think I have ever seen and there is something for everyone's taste. I have even introduced 9-year-old Matilda to flavoured tea with the help from the selection of Princess teas and children's tea, which are decaffeinated

This blog post will focus on the children's tea, although they are designed for kids, I drink it too if I want a tea before going to sleep. There are Fairy Tale bags, Tree House Bags and Story Time bags. Each set comes with 3 teas and it is in a little gift box so you can pass it on as a gift and the tea bags come in cool colourful tins that the kids can keep afterwards. Each gift set is £20 and there are 15 bags in each tin.

Fairy Tale Tea

Sleeping Beauty is a tea with Chamomile, cream and rose flavours, rose petal, marigold and rosehips so it has a floral base to it but also a strong aroma of the sweet fruit that is apple and peach. This is a decaffeinated tea and as the name says, it is to help you and the kids to wake up in the morning. The tin tells the kids that the tea was blended by the good fairy's to help Sleeping Beauty from her sleep, which I love about the tin because it will not only encourage the kids to drink the tea, but it also adds a bit of magic to their life.

Cinderella tea is all about the magic of getting Cinderella away from the wicked stepmother and to the royal ball where she will meet and fall in love with her Prince. Who doesn't love a good love story? This tea is a caffeine free tea, so it's perfect before bed to help you drift off into a fairy tale world of handsome princes (let's face it, it isn't happening in real life!). It is made with a blend of Marigold, Pumpkin flavour, apples, honeybush and cinnamon. These blends go really well together and make a subtle aroma in the tea. Not too sweet just before bed.

Snow White tea is, of course, a blended tea with apples. It is a decaffeinated tea again that is blended to ward off the wicked Queen and her poisonous spell and help Snow White to wake up and kiss her handsome Prince. It is blended with apples, hibiscus, coconut, cherry and apple flavours and green rooibos. You can slightly taste the apple in the tea, but it isn't too sweet or overpowering.

These teas are perfect for kids because the story behind the tin helps them to think magical and I am all for make-believe in a kids life. There is nothing stopping us adults dreaming too! The tins are reusable to that is kind of eco-friendly in my book and there are actually small chunks of the fruit in the tea to infuse it better for taste. The leaves in the tea look natural and are not crushed and powdery. The teas smell perfumed but not too strong and they taste just as good cold as they do hot, so my daughter makes a tea and lets it cool down for an iced drink. they are easy to use, just pop a pyramid bag in your cup and add boiling water, leave it to infuse for 5 minutes and remove the bag.

Tree House Tea

Monster Brew tea is another decaffeinated tea that is all about battling those demons and monsters that live under the bed at night. I LOVE the idea of this tea because Tilly suffers from nightmares and this is perfect to put her in the kind of mindset that monsters are not real and will not hurt her. She has had so many monsters to deal with in her life and she has this before bed to help her. Because one of the ingredients is chocolate chips, it seems like a real treat for her too. The other ingredients include raspberry leaves that will boost her immune system, something I have been working on since she was ill recently in Turkey. But it also contains honeybush, orange peels, coconut, apricot, cherries and strawberries, so it is quite a sweet tea too. I have been drinking this when I crave something sweet before bed, instead of having a chocolate bar.

Rocket Fuel tea, does what it says on the tin! It is packed with blueberries, orange peels, blueberry and orange flavours and raspberry leaves, so that is going to boost your immune system right up and increase your metabolism. The tea is blended to make kids believe they can live fast, travel fast and far and visit new worlds. Tilly travels a lot so this is fab for her and she sometimes needs that rocket behind her to get her going! Again with small chunks of fruit in the bags for that extra taste.

Tea-Rex tea is a tea to help them grow up big and strong, sometimes kids are told that they are not big and not clever or they struggle in school and need that little bit of extra confidence boost. This tea promotes the idea of confidence into their mindset and helps them get through the day. The ingredients are cherries, raspberries, honeybush and apples as well as a big chocolate base to the flavours with cocoa nibs, chocolate flavours and chocolate chips. This has a big flavour of chocolate and again is ideal for kids (and parents) that want chocolate but can have a flavoured tea instead.

All of the teas are available individually as tins or in the gift packs from Adagio Teas. I feel like the company really seem to 'get' kids and how their mind works. Tilly suffers from anxiety and these teas and the stories they hold, make her ready to fight another day. We loved them!

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