Tuesday, 25 June 2019

How To Make The Mornings Run More Efficiently As A Working Parent

Are you a working parent? Is life a struggle, like it is with me? I am the most disorganised parent that I can think of and you would think that after 27 years, I would get it half right, but I am still waiting for that to happen. I have always been a working mum, or if I wasn't working then, I was studying at college. Getting the balancing act is difficult and in the mornings when it is all action goes, you need to be able to get out of that front do on time and on your way to work but something always comes up to put a spanner in the works! How can we make it easier for our busy lifestyles?


Get your clothes and the kids clothes ready the night before, lay them out and in the morning the kids can just grab the clothes and hopefully get dressed.

Exfoliate your skin and give it a really good cleanse, so you only need to jump in the shower or bath in the morning.

Pack your work bag the night before, so you have everything. Check your cards are in your purse. Once I went to the train station without my purse and had to walk half an hour home to collect it again.

Put your keys in a safe place and you can just grab them in the morning, there is nothing worse than losing your keys when you are trying to get the kids out of the door and on your way to work.

If you travel a lot for work, make sure you have enough petrol in the car and you know the route that you are taking.

Charge your phone and you portable chargers on the night before, don't charge your phone overnight in case it overheats and catches fire.

Don't have the TV on in the mornings, say no to gadgets and mobile phones. These will hold the kids up and make you all late for school/work

Make packed lunches the night before and pop it in the fridge, then in the morning you can just grab it and pop it in the bags.

Set your alarm for a few minutes before you wake the kids up, enjoy this time even if you only use it to check Facebook or Twitter or spend that time having your shower or a good old cup of tea. Whatever you do, just enjoy the time without the kids.

Think about dinner and pop something in the slow cooker or take something out of the freezer.


Try batch cooking, you can cook a huge recipe and pop it into some plastic tubs and freeze it. This gives you meals that you can just take out of the fridge or freezer and cook when you get home from work.

I always sort Tilly's uniform out once a week, I do a whitewash with the school shirts and summer dresses and make up 5 uniforms ready for the week ahead.

Sort your work uniform out, so you can just get dressed in the mornings, otherwise, you will be finding something that matches every day when its the last thing that you want to do.

Check the school bags. I know sometimes we have to do this daily but sometimes it gets forgotten, so get the kids to clean out their bags and look for any letters that might have come from school. The letters will tell you what's happening at school and you don't want to be worrying on a daily basis about the events at the school.

Hopefully these little bits of advice can help to make your mornings easier! Do you have any tips of advice on what you do to make it easier? Leave us a comment below :)

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