Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Little Brian Face Paint Sticks Review

Recently we were sent some Little Brian face paint sticks to review, these are face paints that look like pens rather than palettes of face paints and they are a solid pen that is vibrant from the moment you apply it to the skin. I have mixed feelings about these paint sticks that I will talk about in this blog post. I like painting Matildas face because she loves being so creative.

These face paint sticks are easy to use, they come in a plastic pen and the lid clicks on and off, so it won't accidentally come off in your bag. The paint sticks twist up to be able to use them, so they don't need sharpening and once they were on Matilda's face, they didn't smudge. They washed off easily and simply came off with some water and a flannel, which is good for kids sensitive skin. because the paint sticks work like a pen, you don't need sponges and water like other face paints.

The set comes with 12 different colours and even though we were using one colour over another colour on Matilda's face, it never ruined the paint sticks by mixing the colours. You also get an instruction booklet with instructions on how to do some different designs.

But although these pens are good to use, I found that you couldn't actually create the designs in the booklet and on the front of the box because they have clearly been designed on a  computer and photoshopped onto the children's faces. You cannot get fine lines as described on the box because the paint sticks are so chunky and even if you use the side of the paint stick, you can't create the fine lines. It was suggested that we use a paint brush but the paint sticks are too dry to use a paintbrush and the box says we don't need to use paint brushes with them. So although I was going to try to do some of the designs, they were impossible to do. Matilda said that as it dried, it felt like she had a face mask on her face.

My friend Lin is an expert face painter and tried the dalmation on Matilda's face.

I chose to do the pig design on her face

Another friend Sam made Tilly into a clown.

Each time we had trouble with the designs because we couldn't get fine lines. They are good for Matilda to play with and they don't make a mess, so she can draw on people and even coloured someone's tattoo in with the paint sticks.

The Paint sticks can be bought from Amazon for £9.99, they are a good price for a set of face paints for kids but I don't think I would buy them again. They seem to go a long way because Matilda has used them quite a few times now on herself and her friends. The paint sticks are made by Little Brian who has been one of the leading of children; s paint, glue and art materials in the schools and nurseries since 1973.

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