Wednesday, 12 June 2019

PopPops Snotz Surprise Slime From Yulu Review

Does your kid love slime? Then they will absolutely love these PopPops Snotz slime surprises from Yulu that are available to buy now. Matilda may be a princess, make-up loving young lady but she is also a kid that loves her slime and gory stuff, so these were perfect for her. The sets come in all sizes and there is something for kids and parents of all budgets and they are ideal for pocket money toys.

You get a little dome shape capsule that you pop by Squeezing your two thumbs over the top, then there is a mini explosion as green or yellow snot AKA green or yellow slime oozes out of the top. but did you get a Snotz character to collect? There are Snotz characters to collect in each pack of PopPops Snotz and every one in three has a character. There are 60 Snotz to collect and there is a different type to collect too from common, rare, Super rare and special edition and whichever one you get is down to the luck of the draw. We were sent a selection of packs from PopPops Snotz to review and this is what we thought of them.

The back of the packs are easy to open and the PopPops Snotz are pushed out really easily. They are soft to hold and remind me of a laundry detergent capsule. There are 9 different families of Snotz to collect, Goo Groovers, Slime High, Blobvengers, Scary Splats, Slimphony, Fossil Fungus, Solar Chowder, Sporty Snotz, Blotch Jobs. Each little family has 6 or 7 different characters. The packs retail at £4.99 for a 6 pack (containing 2 characters) from Amazon, It is £7.99 for a 12 pack (containing 4 characters).

Do we recommend these PopPop Snotz?

Yes, Matilda would!
I am a mum and mums are not the best slime fans, but it was Matildas review and she loved them, she couldn't stop popping. I gave them to her to pop in the garden, in case there was a mess because I didn't fancy slime in the carpet. Matilda would buy these again with her pocket money.

There is a lot of plastic in the PopPops and it means a lot of clearing up afterwards, but I guess to create a toy like this, it takes a lot of plastic. It would be good if they found a way to dissolve it in water afterwards like a laundry capsule. The little characters are super cute and Matilda would be disappointed if she didn't get one in a capsule as she was opening them, but she got so excited when she found one. I think these would be really popular with the kids this summer and they do make a fun alternative to a surprise bag. The good thing about the PopPops was that every capsule does contain slime that the kids can play with, so grab an empty airtight tub to store it in afterwards.

If Snotz isn't your child's kind of thing, you can also get them in cute pets instead, at the same price and these come with pink and purple slime. PopPops are for children aged 5 and over and a pack will keep them entertained for ages as they pop them all.

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