Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The Ultimate Kids Party Checklist

If you're planning a party for your child and all their friends, it can be challenging, you want to get it right and please your child, you want to make sure their friends enjoy it too,you want to make sure that you don't embarrass them and that you make all the right decisions. Do you have room to have the party at your house? Do you need to book somewhere to hold it? Who do you invite? And how much will it all cost? There is a lot of things to consider when planning the perfect event for your child.

But remember, the key to planning any party is organization.Decide On Your Budget

The first thing you need to do before you make any other decisions is to decide what your budget is. A kid's party doesn't have to cost the world, depending on what your child wants to do, it can be relatively cheap. If you have a party at home, then it saves on the venue cost, but if they're going to do an activity, then this is probably going to be a lot more expensive.

What kind of party will your child want?

This does depend a lot on how old your child is and if you can have it at home or do you need a bigger space? Do you need to book a venue or an activity? Or is it just a bouncy castle and some entertainment? Can you do the entertainment yourself or do you need to hire someone?

The perfect guest list

What is the general rule of your child's class? Do they need to invite everyone, or is it acceptable to have their close friends? How large will the party be? Depending on the budget you need to decide how many people you can invite to the party and after you have confirmed the date, time, and location then you can get the invitations ready.

Party Food

Will your party include food? Are there any dietary requirements and allergies that you need to cater for? Kids can be fussy when it comes to food, but generally, with party food they are easy to please, it could be easy finger food, or even easier than that, just pizza!

Will you need party decorations?

Do you have a room to decorate your designated party, or is it a house party? If you're going to do an activity, is there a party room you can use? If so, will you need to bring your own music? You'll need to find out if you can bring your own and what can your party music be played on. Or will you be hiring a DJ? Having games and activities that kids can do can work well. You can get some great party kits from where you could also get an awesome party outfit too.

Are You Having Party Bags?

It's always nice to give the kids something to take home some cake in and a few games and toys too, but this doesn't have to cost a lot, you can get loads of little bits from Amazon and make up some really cool personal packs that kids will be proud to take home.

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