Friday, 19 July 2019

6 Ways To Save Money Between Pay Days

Getting paid monthly means all of the bills come out at the same time and there is barely any wages left to get you through the next month until payday, so you have to find ways to save as much money as you can. now is as good a time as ever to overhaul your outgoings and try to keep some money in the bank a little bit longer!

Pay Bills On Time

I know that sometimes it is difficult to find the money to pay the bills on time, but so many companies impose fines if you don't pay on time and then you end up owing them more. Then we wonder why they are making so much profit from us! But if you pay the bills on time, you save money on any fines and bounced direct debits. There was a stage where I was struggling to keep up with the direct debits and then I would have the bounced debit charge on top of the unpaid bill. These charges mount up and at the end of the month, you end up paying your charges and it leaves you short for the next month's bills. But by getting up to date and paying the bills on time, saves the late payment fines and also and bank charges.

Swap Broadband Supplier

We all use broadband, so this is one that we should all be looking at. Recently I changed my broadband provider from Talk Talk, where I was paying £35 a month and went with Plusnet, where my broadband bill was halved. You get nothing from being a loyal customer these days, I was with Talk Talk for 15 years and my bill just got more and more expensive. By swapping my broadband provider, I have not only saved money but also got a free gift of a £75 gift card for changing. Using a comparison site will help you to find the best broadband phone deals around at the time and you can see straight away, which provider would suit your needs the best. It really is important to compare all of the broadband providers to get the best deal around and you could slash your broadband bill in half like me

Use Shopping Apps

I always try to use my loyalty cards when I go shopping and being able to have them stored on my phone as an app is quite important for me because I always know they are at hand for me then. Recently I discovered that I had a bonus on my Superdrug shopping app that gave me a £10 Mascara for free. This absolutely made my day, because I couldn't have afforded to have bought this mascara and at the moment there are 20% off vouchers if you shop in there and use your beauty card. Another one I use is Shopmium app where you can buy specific shopping for free or a huge discount and you get the money back in your PayPal within a few days. If you download the app and add the code AECCUCUC, you even get a free jar of Nutella! Look in your app store and see which one of your favourite shops have apps and start saving money as you shop.

Look At Comparing Energy Suppliers

There was a time when there were one or two energy companies that controlled all of the energy that you used in the UK, now you have so much choice and they are always competing between each other to get you as a customer. Nowadays you can choose an energy company that has green values or one that offers you extra perks as well as keeping costs down for you. Maybe you have stuck with the same energy company for a long time and its time to look for something that suits your needs more. whatever your reasons, you need to look at all the things they offer you and whether it is going to suit you or not. Ask friends if they get a referral fee if you to their energy provider and also check that they offer the correct tariffs for you.

Compare Supermarkets For Groceries

This really is an age-old way of saving money over a month. Our parents always shopped around and so did our grandparents, so why don't we always do it? My problem is having time to go to different shops for my shopping and I don't drive. So it can be tricky to compare the price of my groceries, but I do buy some of my shopping in Sainsbury's and some of it in Asda. I also shop around for school uniform in the supermarkets because most of them have a clothing department and the uniform is a lot cheaper than clothes shops. Compare what the supermarket gives you back too, do they have loyalty cards that give you free gifts or money off your shopping? Switching where you shop could save a lot of money on your weekly shop that will add up over the month.

Getting The Best Bank Accounts

There are so many different bank accounts around and it is often difficult to know which one is better for putting your money into, but putting it into the right account means that you will make more money. Do you have an ISA for your savings or a proper savings account, where you can save tax-free or with a higher interest? Like I said in the section about paying bills on time, are you making sure that your bank isn't charging you charges all of the time. Barclays can save you £168 a year if you switch to their Blue account and other accounts offer cash incentives if a friend recommends you. It's worth looking into.

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