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Cardiff Bay Cosy Club Brunch Review

Have you heard of The Cosy Club? I actually hadn't until I went to one in Cardiff recently after I was invited along for some brunch. The first Cosy Club opened in Taunton in 2010 and since then they have grown to 27 restaurants all over the UK. Each Cosy Club is different and is designed to fit in really well with the area. The Cosy Club that we visited was Cardiff Bay, so it was all decorated in the style of an old dock and with a shipping background. There was also a small touch of mermaids in there to fit in with Mermaid Quay. The breakfast menu is available until 5pm, so if you are looking for a late breakfast for a hangover cure or fancy a light breakfast for dinner, then this option is absolutely for you.

The Cosy Club overlooks the bay, so you can watch the boats on the water as you relax with a meal or unwind with a drink on a warm afternoon in the sun. You can sit outside or inside where the decor looks like it is something out of the 1920s and almost has a look of late Downtown Abbey, yet you feel right at home from the moment you take a seat.

You are given a menu and they cater to kids as well as people with different dietary requirements, so if you need gluten-free or vegan menus, they will help you out with finding something that you can eat. The menu is easy to read and describes each dish so much that you lick your lips as you read it! We were there for brunch, but brunch actually lasts all day, so if you are late getting out of bed, you know that you can still find somewhere for a banging cooked breakfast.

We ordered drinks and the girls both chose a Frobishers Smoothie in Fruity Beets and Citrus Rootswhilst I chose a pot of tea and a diet coke. The lady explained to Tilly that the smoothie had beetroot in it, but you couldn't taste it. There is a bar and they offer breakfast cocktails too, but I decided not to choose this because we had a long day ahead of ourselves.

As Kim was with us and she is a vegetarian, she chose the Vegetarian cooked breakfast for £7.95 and crumpets with cinnamon butter for £3.95. The vegetarian breakfast consisted of Halloumi & sweetcorn fritters, grilled tomato, field mushroom, spinach, potato rosti, baked beans and a fried or poached egg with sourdough toast. The beans arrived in a cute little pot and Kim said it was nice to see spinach on her breakfast as she really likes spinach. The crumpets came already brushed with the cinnamon butter. She enjoyed her meal and said the breakfast was very filling. It was nice to have sweetcorn and halloumi fritters instead of vegetarian sausage and bacon. There was a nice variety of options on the brunch menu for her to choose from, if she went there regularly, she wouldn't need to eat the same thing.

Tilly is only 9 so she chose something from the kid's menu, which comes on a kids colouring sheet. This menu was different from other kids menus that we have seen in restaurants before. Her breakfast was £5.95 and came with bacon, sausage, fried or poached egg although they also offered her scrambled egg too, baked beans, potato rosti and toast.  She also chose buttermilk Pancakes with berry sauce and banana which were also £5.95. The portions were generous for a child and I will admit to having pancake envy! She ate all of her meal and didn't save any for me.

For my breakfast, I had a Cosy Club Breakfast which consisted of grilled smoked back bacon, Gloucester Old Spot sausage, field mushroom, grilled tomato, potato rosti, baked beans and a fried or poached egg with sourdough toast. and an extra slice of toast with marmite. The Cosy Club Breakfast costs £8.50 and the toast and marmite cost £2.50. It was very tasty and I enjoyed the whole lot! The meal was very filling and cooked to perfection.

The meals all arrived together and were hot, we received a courtesy check back throughout the meal and we were asked if we wanted to any more drinks. Whilst you wait for your meals to arrive there are board games available to play with the kids or even if you have only popped in for a cuppa, you can relax with a game of dominoes.

The thing that I really loved about The Cosy Club is that they help in the community. On Wednesdays they offer 'Free Tea For Those In Need' and I LOVE THIS! As a person who felt very lonely after I had my last baby, I would have benefitted from this. Just having someone there to listen to my woes and hold my crying baby would have made the difference to me. The country is full of people who need someone to listen to them. It would make the difference to an elderly persons day if they could get out of their house and chat with someone else. For the homeless, a cup of tea is a huge difference to them. 1/5 of the country is lonely! that is a scarily high number. Just pop in on a Wednesday morning between 10-11am where there is a specific member of staff there to chat or play a board game with you.

Our first experience of eating in a Cosy Club was awesome, to say the least. We were made to feel welcome and the atmosphere was friendly and relaxing. unfortunately, we live in Kent and there are none near us but you can find a Cosy Club in Basingstoke, Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Cardiff Bay, Cheltenham, Coventry, Derby, Durham, Exeter, Guildford, Hereford, Ipswitch, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Lincoln, Manchester, Norwich, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Stamford, Taunton, Worcester and York.

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