Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Underwear Review From UK Lingerie

Having beautiful underwear always makes you feel good, doesn't it? Over the past year, I have lost over 3 stone and I found confidence as well as the ability to fit into prettier underwear. The larger bras did their job and held everything in place but let's face it, If I got lucky down the pub, there was nothing exciting about my plain white bra that had turned grey in the wash. I yearned for gorgeous bras in my size but being a 52GG made it difficult. After dropping the weight, I got measured and found I was a 42F. Still a large cup size but a more respectable one for myself. I wondered if I would still have problems finding sexy bras to wear. Well, the answer was yes! I  looked in my usual shops like Evans and Debenhams but the bras were so plain and dull for a larger lady. But help was at hand when was I was approached by UK Lingerie, who offered me some underwear.

With UK Lingerie, you can choose your underwear and well as body shaping wear, which is something that I wanted to try too because I obviously have all of these loose bits of skin that often need popping back into place when I am wearing nice tight fitting clothes. So I needed something like this to secure all the wobbly bits.  UK lingerie offers all sorts of different body shapewear to suit your needs and I chose two pieces.

I chose Maidenform All Over Solutions Sleek Smoothing Wear Your Own Bra Slip, that will cost you only £38 in the sale at the moment. The all over slip is extremely comfortable to wear, even though I looked at it when it arrived and thought I would never get in it! It comes in sizes, Small, Medium, Large. extra large and Extra extra Large. I chose Extra extra large as it was a size 18/20 and that is the size clothes I have just managed to start getting into. This is like a dress that holds everything in place from the thighs to the bust.

It comes in two colours black and beige. I chose the beige one because I thought it would be better to go with some of the lighter clothes that I have. There is underwear built into the slip in the way of knickers. This works better without any other underwear on and you can pop to the loo by undoing the gusset of the slip at the bottom. The thing that I love about the gusset is that it has hooks to hold it together, rather than poppers. I have worn poppers before and they soon come undone when you sit down.

You do wear your own bra with this slip and although there is a small section of the slip that goes over the bra, unfortunately, that didn't happen with me and my exceedingly large boobs! This dress was comfortable to wear, I didn't think that I would be able to sit down in it or be able to stand up again if I sat down. But I could. The dress does suck everything in and it helped me to stand up straight, which I didn't expect to happen. I even leant it to my daughter in law to try and to be honest she wears it better than me!

The Bra I chose was Playtex Flower Elegance Limited Edition Underwired Bra which comes in three colours of Black Plum, Bordeaux Purple and Melon Punch Pink. The sizes even go up to bigger bust sizes than I have - which is a really refreshing change. The bra is wired and keeps my own melons under control and up to where they should be, instead of dangling down by my knees, where it feels like they do sometimes. The bra has a lace design with scalloped edging. And is very ladylike indeed. The staps are slightly wide, to offer good support without being too wide, like bras that I have had in the past. For some reason, lingerie companies think that larger ladies, don't want or need sexy underwear, but Playtex get it - We might have a bigger bust but we want sexy! I am so happy to see somewhere like UK Lingerie, promoting underwear like this.

There is a wide strap on the back of the bra, again to give the support that you need for a larger bust but it isn't too wide, and still looks sexy. The colour is striking and the Melon Punch Pink is definitely the best colour of the range. The bra I chose was 42F, but they do go up to a 42G cup. The bra is comfortable and doesn't dig in, but if you are buying a bra online, always make sure that you measure yourself first to get the correct size. Here is a bra fitting guide to help you.

If you don't want to wear full hold in dress, then the Ambra Powerlite Shapewear Hi Waisted Shortie is for you. These are more lightweight to wear than the all over slip and would be better for the summer months or when I go on holiday to Turkey. The shortie has a big waist and goes right up to just under your bra, so you get good support on your stomach and thighs as it goes over them and helps to firm the thighs under your dress. These looked absolutely tiny when I took them out of the packaging but they work like magic and then squeeze everything in when you wear them.

They are come in beige or black and I wondered if they would roll down as I wore them. but they didn't! I was really impressed with them and they are well worth the price label of £16. For something so tiny, it worked like magic when I wore it. You can wear them under a short skirt because the shorties don't come down very far. There is no photo of me wearing them because I am not quite that confident to show my knickers off!

Lastly, I wanted a small pair of briefs that I could wear on a plane journey, something that would be comfortable to wear and didn't let my legs rub as I walked in the heat. These Blackspade Essential Comfort Short are only £6! They are available in black and white and they stretch for a comfortable fit. They are a great piece of underwear to keep in your knicker drawer and you can mix and match it easily with any bra or vest that you are wearing. They sit on your hips, but I haven't seen my hips since I had children 27 years ago but they did feel comfortable to wear and they didn't roll or slip down. I like a big pair of knickers because they are easier to wear for a larger lady.

These shorts were really soft to wear and generous in the sizing too. I wore a size 18. These shorts are a great alternative to other underwear like knickers and although they are boyish, they are also sexy!

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