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6 tips when visiting Palermo with kids!

Dreaming of visiting the beautiful and historical city of Palermo thinking your kids will get bored? Worry not! Your little rascals will be happy to come along and enjoy tasty Italian food, learn some history and have great fun! Here are the six fun things to do with your kids while visiting this city.
1. Houses

When you visit a city, you spend a lot of time visiting and sightseeing. However, the place you are staying at will be your home for some time so you might want to choose a beautiful and comfortable one. Palermo offers a wide range of hotels and B&Bs yet, in order for you to experience the real Sicilian lifestyle, you should opt for a modernly designed house with spectacular features! For example, there are amazing villas in Palermo (and nearby) available for rent on websites like WishSicily that have swimming pools, great views and large rooms are a great option for the fun of both you and your kids. Parents who wish to relax but also have fun while playing with their children will certainly enjoy their stay.

2. History and Gardens

Botanical Gardens are some of the historic features in Palermo. You will have ample time learning some history with your little ones while they breathe in the spectacular atmosphere exuded by some of the historic gardens such as “Orto Botanico” and “Villa Giulia”. Gardens are well cared for and have a wide range of flowers. Palermo has a rich history that would be fun for your kids to learn.

3. Food

Kids are usually food lovers, and they like to eat every time they can. If you are bringing your little ones along, there are numerous dishes they would be happy to try. Some of the best examples are the “Pasta al forno” that you can eat all gathered around a table or the super tasty street food such as the “Arancine”, the “Cannoli” and “Brioche al gelato” that you can enjoy while on a strolling around the city streets. Also, there are exotic dishes that will make you glad you came and do not forget to taste some great Limoncello!

4. Museums

If you are looking for adventure, there are museums and theatres to add to your to-visit list. If your kids are looking to learn the culture of the people living in Palermo, they can do that in one of the modern museums in the locations. There are “Teatro Delle Marionette” and “Teatro Dei Pupi” theatres offering great entertainments for the kids.

5. Markets

To bring some Italy with you back home, you will need to do a little shopping, at least for the kids. The markets are strategically located so that you can access them easily. There, you will get many different toys and other spectacular gadgets for the kids at pocket-friendly prices.

6. Beaches

The water has always been the centre of attraction for kids. Whether they want to swim or ride on the boats, there is more than enough for them. Along Mondello beach, there is a wide scope of activities that your little ones would be happy to try. From beach football to hide and seek in the sand, they have a long list of activities to make their visit to Palermo as lively as possible.

Palermo is the perfect destination to spend some genuine quality family-time. It is rich in history, and there are many fun things to do. If you are planning your next vacation, make sure Palermo tops the list of your most preferred destinations and you will bring back home some marvelous memories of Italy with you.

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