Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Candylocks Straw Mary Doll and Candylocks Surprise Doll Review

Does your little girl like coloured hair? This summer it has all been about bits of candyfloss hair colour in her hair. It's a great way to experiment without actually colour the hair. Now you can get some Candylocks dolls with the same type of hair. They come in a boxed set with some hair chalk and hair extensions or as a small surprise doll that comes with surprise bags. Tilly is 9 years old and she still likes doll's but she does like dolls with a difference.

Candylocks Deluxe Doll

We were sent Straw Mary doll, she is a cute little doll with pink and green candy floss hair. She has a strawberry dress and if you smell her head, she smells of strawberries. Straw Mary has a blue hair extension to add another colour to her hair, but we couldn't figure out how to attach it to her head. It also comes with a pot of blue hair chalk that you can use in Straw Mary's hair or your own hair and a strawberry comb clip.

The doll is 7 inches tall but her hair is 12 inches long, it is easy to plait and play with so your child can create her own hairstyles on the doll. I actually thought the hair would get tangled with it being candy floss like, but it didn't. Tilly created a few different hairstyles without it getting tangled.

The Candylocks Deluxe Doll is £20 from Argos. The doll comes in two different designs, you get Straw Mary and  Lacey Lemonade. They come with interchangeable clothes so you can take the Strawberry dress off Mary and pop in on to Lacey.

Candylocks Scented Surprise Doll. 

This is a smaller doll and she is only a few inches tall but her hair is a huge 15 inches tall. She comes in a packet that looks like an ice cream cone and the doll is completely hidden away until you unravel her hair. You get some plastic hair decorations and a twister to twist in the hair. You also get some gems to stick in the hair for decoration. The dolls have moveable limbs, so you can sit them down as well as stand them up. You can't actually brush the doll's hair but it really is easy to style.

There are 15 different characters to collect and you get one supplied in each packet. Again when you smell the dolls head, you get the smell of sweets. The Candylocks Scented Surprise Doll is £10 from Argos and would make a perfect birthday gift for a friend.

What Did We Think?

Price-wise, I thought they were reasonably priced and you got your money's worth in the dolls. They were really easy to style and the hair actually stayed in the style for as long as you want it to be like it. I love the fun colours and that you can use the chalk in your own hair as well as the doll's hair. The hair extension seemed a bit of a useless thing because you couldn't see how to attach it to the doll or in your own hair. The hair chalk brushed out easily, so you don't have to worry when you put it in your own hair. We would buy these again because I thought they were good value for money.

We were sent some Candylocks dolls for the purpose of review.

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