Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Going To Amsterdam Pride

After Tilly really enjoyed herself at London Pride, I decided that I would take her to Amsterdam Pride. It was going to be slightly more expensive than London pride because we had to find a way to get there, but it was something that I really wanted her to experience. I asked her, and as Amsterdam is one of her favourite cities in the world, she said yes. She also knows that if we go to Amsterdam, it means a quick visit to her brother who lives in Zeeland area of Holland.

We looked at going to Amsterdam by coach, it is our travel of choice because it is cheap and cheerful and we can travel overnight. But it was too expensive and for the same price, it turned out we could book an Easy Jet flight to Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. We flew out at 6am on the morning of Pride day in Amsterdam and we arrived there by 8.15am -   leaving enough time to grab breakfast and get a train into the centre.

As soon as we arrived into Amsterdam City Centre, Tilly was in awe of the Pride flags and signs everywhere, the excitement in her voice was worth not sleeping the whole night beforehand and bringing her here for the day. Although we had been to Amsterdam before on Pride day, three years ago, we didn't watch the parade and all I knew was that it went along the canals. Other than that, I was completely new to this. We got a bit of shopping done before the parade started, Tilly is at the age now where she loves to browse around the shops when we go somewhere and as Amsterdam is full of cheese shops, it gave us a chance to taste some different cheeses.

The parade started at 12.30pm and little personal boats lined the sides of the canal with people partying on them and people sat or stood by the side of the canal, watching the parade come by whilst enjoying beer and brownies! The parade follows a route (Oosterdok – Nieuwe Herengracht – Amstel – Prinsengracht – Westerdok) and it goes on for hours and hours.

The parade is free to watch and it is such an amazing celebration for the LGBTQ community and of course with it being 50 years since Stonewall, that played a big part of the parade. Even though there is less discrimination for the LGBTQ community. This has to change for the future - for our kids!

The Stonewall uprising began in a small gay pub in the USA, where diverse people could go and drink without fear of being 'outed' to their families or beaten up or arrested for being gay. On 28th June 1969, the police raided the bar for the last time because the patrons fought back and it led to movements being set up to get the same rights as other people. Since then the rights of the LGBTQ community have been fought for and often won, but there are still 71 countries worldwide where it is illegal to be gay. This needs to change. Even in countries where the LGBTQ community are welcomed with open arms, there is still so much hate and prejudice towards them. People are attacked and disowned all of the time. I really don't want my little girl to grow up in a world like this.

The day of Amsterdam Pride was AWESOME! It doesn't matter what country you come from and which Pride you attend because you will be made welcome by all of the people in the community. I love this for my daughter.

If you get a chance to go to Amsterdam Pride next year, then go!

How We Got There

We flew London Luton to Amsterdam Schipol with Easyjet at the cost of £102 for two tickets.
We took the train from Schipol to Amsterdam Centraal and then walked around Amsterdam, although you can use the tram system if you wish.

We flew home a  few days later from Eindhoven to London Stansted with Ryan Air at the cost of £28 for two tickets. Eindhoven is a cheaper airport to fly from and there are really good transport links from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and all major towns and cities in Amsterdam.

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