Monday, 26 August 2019

How To Get Free Products From Superdrug

Getting free products from a high street shop doesn't actually seem possible, does it? But with Superdrug, they offer you free things more often than you think and they are full-size products, not the little samples you often pick up in stores. I work for Superdrug and I am always telling my customers about this but I never actually have told the readers of my blog or the followers of my page!

So how can you get free mascaras, skincare and even get your whole shopping basket for free sometimes?

The answer is simple - Grab yourself a beauty card when you are in store next time and get it registered at the till. You use the card as a loyalty card so you earn points as you spend and those points convert to money that you can take off your shopping when you have earned £1 or more. Its an easy way of converting points too because 1 point is 1p.

Then as you swipe your card as you shop, you are eligible for the rewards scheme, every time you spend over £5. You will get a notification that tells you how many more shops you have done that qualify for the reward. There are three tiers so far in the reward scheme

Tier 1 - 5 shops will get you double points for life (my double points run out on 31/12/2999).
Tier 2 - after another 10 shops you are eligible for a free gift, there are six options to choose from and they include gifts for men and women from B. skincare to B.cosmetics. Obviously, this will change with the availability of products.
Tier 3 - after another 15 shops you will be eligible for a beauty box containing a selection of beauty products for you to use.

This is a great way to try new products that Superdrug has to offer and also pop them away for someone for Xmas or birthdays.

The beauty card offers don't stop there! occasionally you will get an email saying you can take your card to a local store and grab yourself something for free. It might be a cold drink on a hot day or a bottle of micellar water - But it's free!

The offers do not stop there either, because about 3 or 4 times a year you get the chance to swipe your beauty card when you are shopping and you can win bonus points up to the value or £100 or you can win your basket of shopping for free. I have been serving customers before who were treating themselves to a bottle of fragrance each, the bill came to over £80 and they won it for free! Sometimes it is the customers who only spend a few pounds on shopping, but no matter how much you spend, if it's your time to win, then you will win!

So do you have a beauty card? If you do, then make sure you use it to its maximum potential to get the free gifts. If you don't have one, then why?  Pop down to your local Superdrug and sign up for one.

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