Monday, 12 August 2019

The Cube Houses Of Rotterdam

Whilst we were in Holland last week we found a bit of time to ourselves as my son Zach and my daughter in law had to go to work. Life isn't always a holiday for everyone! They live in a small town called Bruinesse and there is a bus stop but it's a fair walk from their home on a golf course that my son works at. So we knew if we were going to go out for the day, we had to get up early and be at the bus stop because Amber was going to drop us off.

We have been in and out of Rotterdam so many times over the past couple of years but we have never actually been to Rotterdam to have a look around and visit some places that we wanted to go to. We took the bus from Oude-Tonge to Rotterdam Zuidplein (the outskirts of the city). We grabbed some breakfast from the shopping centre and took the metro to Rotterdam Centraal. I think I usually come across as quite confident when I travel BUT I suffer from anxiety when I don't know where I am going. So as long as I know where I am, then I can start to enjoy my day. So we started at Centraal station, a place that I know and we went to the tourist information to see what we could do. The man was very helpful and gave us a map and told us the walking route to take to the Cube Houses.

It was great using a map, instead of GPS and it gave Tilly chance to read a map and take control of the route. You see so much more when you walk, rather than take the metro. We managed to see a dutch market and stroll down it looking at all of the cheeses on offer before arriving at the Cube Houses. I must admit that I have never seen anything quite like it!

The houses were designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom and based on the concept of "living as an urban roof": He wanted some high-density housing that had sufficient space on the ground level, and then to optimise the space inside for living. Piet Blom tilted the house on an angle of 45 degrees and rested it upon a hexagon-shaped pylon. The houses look like trees and that was the design he was looking for, so all of the ''trees'' together look like a forest and represent a living area. We were intrigued as to how people could actually live in these houses, so we visited the museum house that is open to the public and for 4 euros for an adult and 2.50 euros for a child. I wasn't sure how everything could look so normal inside, but it actually did!

We needed a drink after the Cube Houses so we popped to a cafe on the side of the canal and decided what we would go and see next. We were conscious of our time running out and rather than a trip on the canal, we took a water taxi. It was a fraction of the price and Tilly still got to experience being on the water. We took the water taxi to Hotel New York, where we sat on the side of the canal in deck chairs and watched as the barges carrying cargo floated up and down the canal. 

Eventually, we took in some architecture as we walked to the metro to get back to Zuidplein and get the bus back to Oude Tonge. We only had a few hours but we made the most of our trip to Rotterdam and it was a cheap day out too. 

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