Saturday, 10 August 2019

Yumi-Yummy Bellies Doll Review

Tilly maybe 9 years old but she still loves to play with her dolls and The Bellies doll that she was sent to review and play with. There are four different Bellies dolls to choose from, they are called Pinky-Twink, Yumi-Yummy, Bobby-Boo and Muak-Muak. They have their own YouTube channel and although they are Spanish, it has been translated into English.

We were sent and Yumi- Yummy, she has 2 pink ponytails and only one of them has a band wrapped around it, which I thought looked odd. the doll is ugly in a cute way and her tongue is sticking out, adding to the cheekiness and she has huge purple eyes.

Her heart is where the noise comes from when she is switched on and she has a red flashing heart that beats like a real heart too. Her belly button is the on/off switch and she is quite loud when she cries and laughs. On her bottom, she has an orange birthmark. She has poseable arms and legs to move around and play with them and a nappy that you can take off and put back on. Inside the nappy is a poo sticker to ake it all a bit more real for the kids that play with her.

She has a dummy that is magnetic and sticks to her mouth, but I feel it could easily get knocked away and lost. She also comes with a bottle to feed her, but you cannot put anything in the bottle. When she is switched on she babbles in her own little baby language and blows raspberries just like real babies.

She comes with a little blanket that you can wrap her in or lay her on top off. The blanket is covered in cute doughnuts, it's only made from fine cotton, so it doesn't take up too much space when you end up carrying it in your bag.

The doll comes with batteries, which is a refreshing change because you are normally hunting for batteries to go in a new doll, and for the safety of the smaller kids, you have to really twist the head and turn it to reveal a battery compartment. Then you need to use a screwdriver to open it up and change the battery. once you have changed it, you simply pop the head back on and twist until it clicks - then it is secure.

There is a sheet of stickers that comes with the set and each doll comes with a little personality and back story. The doll is quite cute and she is one of the smallest interactive dolls that Tilly has had, so I am surprised that she does so much for her size. She has a price tag of £30 and will be available from mid-August to buy. You get a Poopypedia to know how to best take care of your baby and find out how to use all the cute accessories included in the set. 

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