Wednesday, 4 September 2019

How Do You Play Snatch? 2019 Version

Snatch was a pretty awesome app when it was around a few years ago and then it disappeared, promising to come back with a bigger and better app for us to play. So it is back!

What is Snatch?

Basically, it's a free game where you go around collecting parcels on your phone, the same way as you would collect Pokemons or other AR games that you play. First, you need to download the game, and you can by clicking this link. You need to be able to keep hold of those parcels until the timer runs down and then you open it to see what prize is revealed.

How Do I get The Parcels?

You can collect them from your local area, they are all over the place and if you can't reach them, you can use a snatchatron to extend your collection area. The collection area you have will vary from player to player. You start off with a small collection area and you can extend it by buying a bigger collection circle with the coins that you win. BUT the bigger the collection circle gets, the more expensive they get.

You can also snatch parcels from other players, this is really easy to do. You click on the player you want to snatch from and click snatch. Then you have 45 seconds to try and snatch that parcel BUT beware, they could use a Jetpack, Shield or Smoke bomb to protect their parcel. But you can equally use a magnifier, Freeze or Magnet to get that parcel from them.

Protecting Parcels

Once you have your parcels, you need to keep an eye on them so that someone doesn't snatch them from you. You can just leave them and hope nobody takes them or you can use a Hideout (will cost you 15 gems) and will keep you safe for two hours as long as you stay where you are. Or if you are travelling, you can use a Camouflage (20 Gems) which will protect your parcels in the school run or if you are popping to the shops. There is also a Guard Dog and A Safe House, which I will talk about further down.

How Many Parcels Can I hold?

You start off with Snatch, you can hold three parcels. But as you build the game up, you can buy more and more parcel slots to play the game. But the more slots you buy, the more expensive they get. You buy them with your virtual coins, so they are not costing you real money.

What Can I Win?

We are all here for the prizes! But you can win things that will help you play the game for longer. Prizes like gems or coins mean you can build your game but you also can win defences to help you defend your parcels against snatchers. There are also real-life prizes like power banks and popcorn makers (prizes correct at time of writing).

You can also win a gold box with prizes from £1 up to £500. These are easy to spot on your snatch map and easy to collect. You can also tell if another member has a gold box in their possession because a picture comes up against their profile.

What Is A Guard Dog?

It is a little dog that will protect your parcels for 5 hours overnight, but as a parcel lasts 6 hours, you need to protect them yourself for an hour before putting 'the dog' on. You can use a guard dog from 8pm until 6am. So if you collect at 7pm, look after them for an hour and then set the guard dog on at 8pm, then they have an 85% chance of being safe until they finish at 1am. Then it's a good time to snatch all of the unattended parcels and put another guard dog on to protect them until 6am when it finishes. The guard dog will cost you 10 gems but is not going to protect the parcels 100%.

What Is A Safe House

If you are lucky, you will find somewhere to go that has a safe house. Around me, it is local train stations. You can stay in these and you won't have to use any of your coins or gems to use it. The downside is that it is only available for 1 hour before you are not protected anymore. On your map, look for a huge circus tent.

What If I Run Out Of Coins?

Some people buy coins but I don't recommend that because then you will keep buying them. You can convert your gems into coins to help you play the game. You can spend 100 gems and get 50,000 coins. You also get coins and gems just for logging in every day, so when you first download it, you could just log in every day and collect the free coins until they build up. You will get coins in your parcels too.

Game Tips

  • If you have a parcel for more than 4 hours, don't bother defending it unless you have enough defences from your parcels  It will just cost coins and you will soon run out. 
  • Don't put the guard dog on at night until you have had the parcels for 1 hour. Otherwise, it will end before your parcels finish counting down and you are likely to have your parcels snatched. 
  • If you change your gems to coins, make sure you keep enough gems in your inventory for defending your parcels. I normally buy defences as I build the gems up. 
  • When you first start playing, keep your head down and don't go straight into snatching. You need to build up your coins first and then go for the snatching. 
  • Keep your eye on your parcels and don't be too disappointed if you lose the to more experienced players. You will soon be an experienced player and doing the same to newer players. 

For more tips n the game join this Facebook community for up to date news and see who is the face behind your local snatcher!

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