Monday, 9 September 2019

Talking To Your Daughter About Periods With ModiBodi

Do you remember starting your period? How horrifying it was and in my day we never talked about it with our parents. It was dealt with at school, but we all giggled through the sex education classes and never took anything serious. It was embarrassing to learn in a classroom of your friends because it was never talked about. I hid my periods from my parents for years, although they must have known I was having them! But they never spoke to me about it. It was the 1980’s and really not the done thing. When I had kids, I was determined not to let my kids feel uncomfortable when they talked about sex ed or periods. I wanted them to know that it was okay to talk about periods.

Tilly has always followed me into the bathroom from an early age and I suppose that having the older girls, I just got used to not hiding it. Whenever the older girls argued or were rude, I used to say ‘Your sister must have her period’. I didn’t want the word to be an embarrassing word to say. Tilly is 9 and a half now and she has had the period chat at school and she came home and she was lucky to speak to her sister, who is now 27. I am lucky that she does have someone to talk to if she doesn’t want to talk to me.

I told her that she can talk to me about her period and ask me any questions she might have. Have you spoken to your daughter about periods?

Her biggest worry is having her period at school, but I hope we have got that covered now with some underwear. The Red range from Modibodi have underwear for all type of girls, whether you are a hipster bikini girl or a boy short kind of girl, they have something pretty for you to make your periods easier to cope with. The underwear is normal underwear with a superslim built-in tech that replaces having to use a sanitary towel or tampon. I have always encouraged my daughters not to use tampons because of the toxic shock syndrome that you can get if a tampon is left in for too long. So these are a great way to teach them about feminine care when they start their periods.

Girls can wear the underwear on a school day they will keep her feeling clean all day. The knickers hold 15mls of liquid, which is equivalent to two tampons or towels worth of liquid! It takes the stress out of having to change the tampon or towel at school and she doesn't need to worry about carrying a fresh towel to the toilet. just rinse the underwear out with cold water before you wash them. 

Periods are daunting enough for the youngsters and This underwear will help them with their changing bodies. There are also other ways to help make your daughters periods easier to cope with. below we have some tips on speaking to your daughter about her period.

  • Explain to them it is nothing to be ashame
  • d or embarrassing about, nearly all women go through it. Women often talk to their girlfriends about periods and it really is an everyday thing.
  • Familiarise them with sanitary wear, and place it somewhere in the bathroom that is easily reachable for her. This way she doesn’t have to ask you for it.
  • Explain to them that having a period doesn’t mean that the end of the world. That she shouldn’t listen to what other girls say and she will learn from her own experience. She can still go swimming is she uses a tampon.
  • Get her in the habit of carrying a towel around, Tilly told me that she saw a video where a girl popped a sanitary towel into an empty lipstick container and then when she is at school, nobody knows she has her period because the towel is hidden.
I received this underwear for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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