Looking After Your Skin in Your Forties

Look After Your Skin In Your Forties

There are so many lotions and potions that you can use on your skin as you get older. They can help to reduce wrinkles and keep skin hydrated and allow the skin to be more elastic than normally expected when people are in their forties and fifties. But really, when it comes to your skincare routine as you hit your forties, it makes a difference to have some healthy habits in place, in order to really take care of your skin. By having a healthy skincare routine you can help to reduce your risk of skin cancer, avoid having any leather-looking skin, keep your skin looking firm and bright, as well as helping to fight blemishes. 

There are definitely many benefits, but what are the key things to a healthy skincare routine? Here are some things to think about.

Protect skin from excess sun

By looking after your skin and protecting yourself from the sun, you can have a key factor in any healthy skincare routine. Too much sun can age your skin, leading to sunspots, wrinkles, leather-looking skin, and reduced elasticity of the skin. We can all embrace some sun, especially in the summer, but using sunscreen is so important. You can still get a sunkissed look with sunscreen but you will have filtered out anything too harmful. Look out for shade when you can, especially at the peak of the day, and cover up with sunglasses and a hat where possible.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is a really key part of looking after your skin. Our bodies are made up of so much water, therefore our skin is filled with water. If there isn’t enough, then it will look very obvious on our skin. When your skin is hydrated, it looks more plump and youthful, as well as looking more vibrant and glowing. Aim to have at least two litres of water per day, and where possible, reduce how much caffeine you have as this can dehydrate. Something like caffeine can also trigger things like rosacea, so you might have to add how to get rid of rosacea to your skincare routine. Drink water, drink water, and then drink some more.

Use a daily moisturiser, Ideal For Your Forties

As we get older, our skin can become drier and drier. This can make any wrinkles or fine lines look even more obvious. So as well as drinking a lot of water to hydrate from the inside, it is important to use a daily moisturiser in order to hydrate our skin from the outside too. This can help our skin to look more youthful and glowing. Use a daily moisturiser on your face, as well as your body, and don’t forget about using lip balm and a night cream too. 

Sleep well

There is a reason why it is called getting beauty sleep! Sleep, at least, good quality sleep, is something that is really important for happy and healthy skin. It is the chance to rest and repair. We all know how rough skin can feel (and bags under eyes) when we don’t sleep well.

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