Monday, 18 June 2018

Stop Shaming Other Bloggers For Taking Low Payments!

As a blogger, I am always told 'Know your worth!'. Its a really good philosophy to live by because then bloggers don't get taken advantage of. But what I do object to is when bloggers criticise someone for taking a low payment that they would never take. There are many reasons why someone would take a low payment. I am starting to see it posted more regularly on social media where bloggers are shamed for taking low payments. I thought the blogging community was a supportive one. But seeing people that I know have taken drastically low payments are now saying its wrong! Where are your morals? What is wrong guys? It is okay to take a low payment gig if you need the money, don't ever feel ashamed or dirty for doing it. There are so many reasons why a blogger would take a low payment, that we don't know about.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

What Do You Need To Take For Kids To A Festival?

It is festival season once again and as festivals become more and more popular with families, we would like to share with you some tips about what you should take to a festival, Tilly loves a good festival and always seem to forget something when we go, so to make it easier for you, we have compiled this list for you. If you're going to a festival this year, have a good one and if you have any other tips, please add them to the bottom of the post.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Using A P20 Pro For Taking Photo's With Three UK

Recently we were invited by to go on a photo walk and use one of their Huawei P20 Pro phones, now I was an iPhone girl through and through and recently reviewed the iPhone 8 Plus, you can read the review here.

We went to Shoreditch in London where you will find street art around almost every corner. If you're going to do this, the best tube stop to get off is Old Street and exit through exit 1. We walked up Old Street, where you find the best little doughnut shop (doughnut time) with amazing green painted walls, perfect for taking clothes photos against. The doughnuts were to die for too.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

What Hashtags Work Well On Instagram and Social Media

At the moment I have really upped my game on Instagram, it is surely becoming my favourite social media to use at the moment because I love sharing my pictures as well as looking at other pictures from fellow Instagrammers. But when I first started on Instagram I never knew the importance of hashtags, but now I realise that if you use hashtags, then your picture is going to be seen by a wider audience. This is because people search for pictures using the hashtag that they are looking for. If I posted a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #Snowfall then someone looking for snow pictures will come across my snap of the snow picture. Hashtags are there forever on your picture (unless you delete them) so a few months down the line, it is possible someone will come across your picture. There are a few things to remember on Instagram when it comes to hash-tagging though.

Monday, 11 June 2018

What Can I Get My Dad For Fathers Day?

Fathers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and these days a family can consist of step-fathers, adopted fathers, same-sex parents, single mums that pull double duty and in our case, Tilly has a brother who stepped up and took on the role of the adult male in her life. There is a 16 year age gap, so to her, he has always been just like a dad, so we always get him a card that says 'You're just like a dad to me'. A dad is someone who chooses to parent a child, he doesn't have to be related to the child at all, he just mans up and takes on the role. So who are you celebrating Fathers day with and most importantly what are you buying him? Here we have a few suggestions to help with male grooming gifts because make grooming has become a multi-million pound business with men spending as much on themselves as women would do.

Ice, A Cold Case Mystery Audio Book By Lauren Carr

Today on the blog we have a guest post from Lauren Carr, the author of ICE, an audiobook about a cold case mystery. 

Warning – You Could End Up in My Book
By Lauren Carr

My favourite part of being a writer is finding new characters and exploring their minds and backgrounds to figure out what makes them tick. I enjoy presenting the character to the readers as a whole, and then, through the story, I slowly peel back the layers to show the reader what is underneath—who that character really is.

In my newest release, Ice, the most interesting relationship is between my protagonist Chris Matheson and his mother, Doris.

ICE (A Chris Matheson Cold Case) by Lauren Carr Book Tour

Book Details:

Book Title: ICE by Lauren Carr
Category: Adult fiction, 380 pages
Genre: Mystery, Crime Fiction, Police Procedural, Cozy
Publisher: Acorn Book Services
Content Rating: PG (It's a murder mystery and there is mild violence. Very mild swearing no F-bombs. No on-stage sex scenes.)

Stop Shaming Other Bloggers For Taking Low Payments!

As a blogger, I am always told 'Know your worth!'. Its a really good philosophy to live by because then bloggers don't get taken...